A Christian Survival Manual: How to Prepare for When All Hell Breaks Loose

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Violent protests after presidential elections…Mass shootings in schools, businesses and night clubs…A major world power pulls out of the European Union and stock markets plummet…
Are you ready to feed, shelter and defend yourself, your family and your loved ones if there is a major breakdown of our society? 
  • Are you prepped if a major terrorist attack occurs in your community? What if a rogue nation really explodes an EMP–an Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb–over the United States and there is no electricity for weeks, months or even years? 
  • Are you ready if a major hurricane like Katrina strikes and you’re unable to bug out? 
  • Are you prepared to leave your home in a moment’s notice if a nearby nuclear power plant springs a leak and radioactive gas is released and headed your way? 
  • Are you ready to defend yourself and your loved ones if hungry looters rush down your street, searching for food to eat, things to steal and people to kill? Will you do anything you have to in order to guarantee the survival of your family?
  • Are you ready if basic government services stop functioning, and there’s no police or fire protection and no ambulance service? 
We don’t know what’s in store for us, but it’s important to be prepared. This little book is intended to give you some common sense advice and direction when it comes to disaster preparation. As a believer in Jesus Christ, the author also wants to share with his readers what God’s Word, the Bible, has to say about prepping for unknown problems or disasters.