Beyond Self-Defense: AKT Combatives Reality-Based Personal Protection (The Take Ground! Series)

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Need self-defense skills Now? Want to enhance your current skillset? Empower yourself! Learn effective techniques for stand-up and ground defense with Beyond Self-Defense. Martial Arts Halls of Fame inductee Grandmaster Barry A. Broughton, PhD has applied his extensive training in the martial arts and years of practice in orthopedics and sports medicine to create the comprehensive reality-based AKT Combatives system (that goes Beyond Self-Defense). • Highly effective and practical techniques provide the novice and seasoned practitioner with simple yet brutally effective methods of self-defense. • Adaptable techniques for anyone regardless of experience, size or gender. • Learn your assailant’s “anatomic vulnerabilities” for target acquisition. • This personal combatives system provides a seamless transition of defense for all ranges and planes of attack, giving you the tools needed to defend yourself in any situation. • Covers topics such as, Legalities, Self-defense vs. Personal Protection, Developing a Personal Doctrine, The Mindset Beyond Self-defense, Intent, Awareness and Preparation. • General Safety Tips, Avoiding Sexual Assault, Home and Vehicle Awareness Guidelines, Controlling the Situation, Physiological response to violence, Proper training—proper response, Reflex response, Understanding Reactionary Gap, and much more. With over 325 full color images and diagrams with directional arrows, Beyond Self-Defense includes valuable personal protection concepts and effective techniques for real-life self-defense that will help you prevail during a violent confrontation. Currently being used as a college textbook, Beyond Self-Defense can also be used for self-education for real-world personal protection. The techniques are presented in a logical, progressive and instructional format, as taught in Dr. Broughton’s self-defense courses and seminars. Educate Yourself! Be Prepared…Not Paranoid!