Combat Applications of the Tactical Tomahawk

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The venerable tomahawk is undergoing a resurgence as a military sidearm and tactical tool, much as it was in the early Americas. Aside from its value as a military weapon, the hawk should also not be underestimated as a weapon of home defense. According to Bradak, U.S. Army infantry veteran, longtime professional martial artist, and coauthor of the acclaimed Paladin book Lessons on the English Longsword, the tomahawk has been extremely popular for both military and personal combat for longer than recorded history, and for good reason.

Combat Applications of the Tactical Tomahawk is for those who want to learn to use the tomahawk for what it can uniquely offer them, beyond basic techniques identical to those used with the simple fighting stick or machete. What sets this book apart from others is its focus on tomahawk-specific techniques utilizing the weapon’s distinctive attributes. Otherwise, the bulk of its use would be roughly the same as that of a club or short stick, and could be learned elsewhere. With more than 400 photos, this book demonstrates step-by-step applications for using the tomahawk in conjunction with your natural weapons to fight off attackers armed with fists, feet, knives, clubs, firearms, and bayonets.