Into the Apocalypse: A Survival Novel (The Tears of Ephraim)

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***Book 2 of a 3-book series.***
During a joint session of Congress, called by President Hakeem, Iran, with the assistance of Russia, had successfully executed a surprise nuclear attack on our nation’s capital. Washington, D.C. was destroyed. The White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court Building and the Pentagon are all burnt shells. Our federal government is gone. 
Simultaneously, Iran detonated a 20-megaton nuclear explosion in orbit, 479 kilometers or 298 miles above the heart of Kansas, causing an electromagnetic pulse which burnt out all unprotected electronic circuits in the mainland of The United States and two-thirds of Mexico and Canada. These areas are now dark. The lights went out; water is not being pumped, most of the vehicles will not run, and aircraft fell out of the sky during mid-flight. The nation’s transportation system is at a standstill.
Now, those that are surviving are those that prepared and planned for emergencies and disasters. However, can they survive a time unlike any in history?
Vince and Kim Johnson, family, friends, and some of the men Vince served with years earlier prepared the best they could for this tribulation that was happening to our country and the world. One battle has already been fought to protect their new small community. Now they must try and survive going
Into the Apocalypse.
***Contains adult language and conversations***

***Book 2 of the 3-book series, “The Tears of Ephraim.”***
Book One: “Apocalypse Coming- The Tears of Ephraim: Book 1

Book Two: “Into the Apocalypse- The Tears of Ephraim: Book 2
Book Three: 
“The Final Apocalypse- The Tears of Ephraim: Book 3” (future release)

We highly recommend that you read book one before reading book two or you won’t understand the storyline or know the characters as book two starts where book one leaves off.