Krav Maga (Krav Maga, Self Defense)

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The Ultimate Self-Defense and Fitness Guide!

Do you feel unsafe walking alone in the streets? Do you want to protect your loved ones from any attack? Learn the Self-Defense system that’s more martial than art. When you read Krav Maga: Dominating Solutions to Real World Violence, you’ll learn:

  • The Philosophy and Principles of Krav Maga
  • Krav Maga and Fitness
  • Reasonable Use of Force
  • Top 10 Krav Maga Moves
  • This book introduces you to this renowned fighting system “Krav Maga” – The real world solution for real world violence. Krav Maga: Dominating Solutions to Real World Violence is your essential guide for self-protection and weapon defense! This noncompetitive self-defense technique originally began in the Israeli Defence Force. Whether you are short or tall, male or female , young or old, you can use Krav Maga to protect yourself by learning powerful counterattacks and using your natural instincts. Learning Krav Maga will give you the fitness, skills and confidence to feel safer and more secure every day. This guide will also teach you weapon-defense actions and moves! Get your copy of Krav Maga: Dominating Solutions to Real World Violence right now! You’ll be so glad you did!