Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide: The Prepping Supplies, Gear & Food You Must Have to Survive

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Be prepared when real disaster strikes.
Everyone believes that they have their life completely under control–until a major disaster hits. In an emergency, the fantasy of control collapses, along with everything that makes our lives normal. Only those who have planned ahead will survive.
Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide will show you how you and your family can survive even the direst situations. To do so effectively, however, you’ll need the right tools. Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide introduces you to the physical and mental tools and prepper supplies that can help save your life.
Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide outlines the essential prepper supplies and tools of survival, with:

  •  An overview of the best strategies and prepper supplies for surviving any disaster
  • Detailed prepper supplies checklists for your Go-Bag and your 72-Hour Kit
  • Product reviews of essential prepper supplies–including flashlights, shelters, first aid, navigation gear, and fuel
  • Price comparisons and online purchasing information for the most necessary prepper supplies
  • Vital chapters on protecting your pets and prepping your motor vehicle
  • Special tips for cooking outdoors, purifying water, storing gasoline, and making an emergency toilet

Preparing for a disaster requires bravery and logic. Everything else can be found in Prepper Supplies & Survival Guide.