Prison Guide: Survival Secrets Revealed: 2016 Edition

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The secrets of surviving prison have remained unwritten – until now. Angelo Pisano, a ten-year veteran of the U.S. prison system, is breaking the silence with this guide on how to navigate a world behind bars. With a focus on getting home as soon as possible, Pisano prepares soon-to-be inmates for confinement, whether their sentences will be served in county jails or in maximum security prisons. The advice for so-called “new Jacks” covers all types of scenarios, from fights to the complex rules that govern borrowing and lending to the best practices at the gambling table. By teaching the newly convicted about the pecking order and how to stay out of trouble with correctional officers and inmates alike, Pisano aims to get his readers out of jail as early as the criminal justice system will allow. Instead of feeling helpless, Pisano’s readers will come away from the book feeling more in control. That’s because, as Pisano writes, being confined to jail doesn’t mean being confined to bad choices. Instead, he provides his readers with workable advice on how to take advantage of the solitude and freedom from distraction to improve character, intellect and chances for future success. By reading this book, the newly convicted just might be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.