Psychic Self-Defense for Everyone: Why You Need It and What You Need To Know (Paranormal Activity) (Volume 2)

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I hesitated when naming this book using the term ‘Psychic Self-Defense’ because many people think this is only for ‘New Agers’ and those involved in metaphysics. Well, these people can’t be more wrong. Everyone needs psychic self-defense. I use the term in its broadest sense. Whether you are aware of it or not, the thoughts, emotions and energy of those around you affect you. Your environment affects you. Lots of things impact you physically, mentally and emotionally. They don’t have to, at least not for long. Everyone experiences some type of psychic interference; whether it is interaction with people who are draining or a conscious psychic attack. We are best served by being aware of what’s around us and how it affects us. When we understand these things we can better navigate our world. You need this information if you answer yes to any of these questions: – Do you need a nap after going to the mall [or any crowded space]? – Do you have sudden, severe headaches your doctor cannot diagnose? – Are you always fatigued? – Are you plagued by sudden thoughts of hopelessness or despair? – Are these feelings more intense when you are alone? – Are these feelings more intense when you are among people? It’s time to start practicing Psychic Self Defense!