Psychological Self-Defense: How To Protect Yourself From Predators, Criminals and Sociopaths Before They Attack

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Want to protect yourself from predators before they attack? Want to get the edge over the common criminals, con artists and sociopaths that you come across in everyday life? Want to know the typical signs that precede violence – so you can protect your family by getting them out quickly? Want to know how to de-escalate a tense situation and avoid a physical confrontation? You can – with the skills you’ll learn in Psychological Self-Defense, written by a black belt martial artist, self-defense teacher and former certified bodyguard. In this book you’ll learn: >> How to defend yourself from both physical and emotional predators – without ever having to throw a punch >> How to spot the most common ‘red flag’ signs of trouble brewing – so you can get out before the trouble starts >> How to read others’ body language – so you can spot peoples’ hidden hostile intentions towards you >> How to become a human ‘lie detector’ – so you can tell when people are trying to con or manipulate you >> How to avoid becoming a victim by ‘failing’ the predator interview >> How to know what kind of attacker you’re dealing with – so you can tailor your defense accordingly >> How to use your own body language to turn predators off – and make them run the other way >> How to protect yourself against psychological predators – the people who lie to you, manipulate you and slowly poison your life with their mind games and emotional blackmail >> How to de-escalate a confrontation using little-known verbal and visual tricks >> How to use boundaries to protect yourself from the common, criminal riff-raff that comes sniffing around you every day >> How to identify emotionally disturbed predators like psychopaths and narcissists before they have a chance to destroy your life and suck you dry >> How to tap into your inner warrior – so you feel safer and more confident in any situation you face >> What to do if you get taken by surprise in a physical confrontation – to ensure you still get out alive This book will help you develop the skills you need to stop yourself from becoming a victim of both emotional and physical predators. It will help you feel more confident and safe in your everyday life. It’s ideal for both martial artists and for those who don’t have the time to take a self defense or martial arts class. If you’re looking to protect yourself and your family – learn the psychological skills you need to spot, avoid and defend yourself from predators before they attack! About the Authors: Chuck O’Neill is a personal protection specialist, black belt martial artist and former certified bodyguard. He is the owner of Revolution Wing Chun in Toronto, Ontario Canada and regularly speaks to groups on personal protection and psychological self-defense. To learn more about Chuck, visit his website at Kate O’Neill has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto in Psychology and Human Behavior. She is a certified body language expert and educates people on how to use body language to improve everything from sales to their dating lives. To learn more about Kate, visit her website at