Scenarios in Self-Defense

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Can you look at someone without giving him or her permission to speak to you? What can you do when a friend gets too friendly? How can you look strong, even when you don’t feel strong? Should you be carrying a weapon? Do you know the answers? This year, tens of thousands of Americans will report being assaulted. Millions more will find themselves in potentially dangerous confrontations. Personal safety experts Mary Brandl & Anita Bendickson present a comprehensive & systematic approach to feeling in control in a world that sometimes seems out of control. From early prevention to last-ditch physical resistance, SCENARIOS IN SELF-DEFENSE gives you the tools you need to deal effectively with situations ranging from uncomfortable to life-threatening. The most valuable information in this 57-page handbook involves early intervention & deescalation; defusing a situation before physical techniques are your only remaining option. Mary & Anita explore distance, strong body language, assertive verbal responses, & much more as they give you options for dealing with any potentially dangerous situation.