Secret Buttons of the Hand: -21- Attack Stopping Pressure Points of the Hand

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Fighting Without Fighting

****    #1 Bestseller  (June 2013)
Learn SECRET knowledge of the Orient that stops attackers in their tracks. 
Categorized as “advanced training”, this knowledge was reserved only for Martial Arts Masters, and was NEVER to be released to the public.

The book, “Secret Buttons of the Hand”, contains special “pressure points” that provide the key of knowledge to extreme and effective alternatives to modern day self-defense.
Oriental Secrets that you will learn from this book include:
(1) how to apply an excruciating “amplifier” to a simple yet effective pressure point, Secret Button #2
(2) how to stop an attacker using a Karate / Tae-kwon-do attack stance, Secret Button #5
(3) learn about the pressure point that can be excruciating or relieve a headache when pressed, Secret Button #6
(4) learn about the “anatomical snuff box” which drive many to their knees in unbelievable pain, Secret Button #7
(5) learn how to drain a fist of power and strength, Secret Button #10
(6) learn to break away from ALL handshake “vise grips”, Secret Buttons #12 & #13
(7) learn to put your “pressure points” on “steroids” – turning them into a Blast Furnace, Ju-Jitsu Secrets
(8) and more…

Why this book is different from other books on “self-defense” ???

–  these techniques can be learned by anyone and does NOT require any special equipment
–  you can practice these secret, powerful techniques anytime, any place, and in complete privacy by practicing on your own hands
–  the book re-writes the “Book of Self-Defense” !!!
–  the techniques covered in this book can be used by the young, the elderly, the physically challenged, and the out-of-shape.
–  these techniques can even be applied from a wheelchair !!!
–  techniques that even my Grandmother can apply !!!

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
Sun Tzu, ancient Chinese military strategist and author of “The Art of War”.

Welcome to “Secret Buttons of the Hand”…