SECRET Defenses Against Kicks: -21- Attack Stopping Pressure Point Buttons of the Leg and Foot

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Have you ever been attacked or watch others being kicked and attacked by bullies who intimidate and terrorize ?

Ever wonder if there is an effective defense against these thugs ?
There IS and this book is the SECRET answer – effective, easy to apply”pressure points” – presently, a one of a kind book on self-defense.

Imagine SECRET self-defense knowledge that 99% of those trained in self-defense have NO knowledge – sometimes called “secrets in the shadows”.

Imagine secret specialized knowledge that stops kicking attackers in their tracks.

Learn how to arm yourself with SECRET pressure points that stop kicking attackers immediately who have training in :

Tae-kwon-do (Korean form of Karate)
Savate (French Foot Fighting)
Oriental Kick Boxing
MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

Here is the one little known secret exposed.
The knowledge of any one of these pressure points applied on an attacker’s leg after just -1- attempted kick makes him no longer a threat. Why ? Because the attacker can no longer kick and stand at the same time !!! (What a sight to behold !)

Take the secret pleasure knowing that your new ancient fire of pressure points is now your great equalizer against those bullies that YOU used to be afraid of and avoid at great cost.

With the color of secrets, learn secret knowledge reserved only for Martial Arts Masters – secret knowledge that was NEVER to be released to the public !

With over 300 color pictures, learn from a Master Instructor of over -45- years with many advanced Black Belts who helps you “level the playing field” against ALL attackers who try to use the power of kicking against you !

Remember, this IS the book that teaches you effective Ancient techniques that REALLY WORK TODAY !!!

Welcome to “Secret Defenses Against Kicks”…