Self-Defense Laws, Language & Liability DECODED: Learn How To LEGALLY Survive Unprovoked Violence, Protect Your Family From Harm & Defend Yourself In Any Situation

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Tactical Defense Consultant, Personal Defense Expert and Tactical Survival Training President, Stewart Edmiston, provides a comprehensive breakdown the self-defense encounter and reveals how to LEGALLY survive unprovoked violence, protect your family from harm, and defend yourself in any situation. The value of this book is highlighted by the true crime case studies revealed and analyzed in the introduction chapter. It is tragic when innocent people, who believed they acted in self-defense, are actually prosecuted or sentenced for murder. Statistics show that most self-defense cases are not successful at trial. When your life, future, and ability to protect your family hangs in the balance, it is critical that you thoroughly understand self-defense laws, language and liability. This is exactly what you will gain from reading this book! Readers will also uncover the dark history and flaws of our modern legal system, learning about people who spent decades in prison for crimes they did not commit. We will detail how to communicate with police and investigators after a serious self-defense incident to ensure that you are not unjustly prosecuted. Another important piece to the puzzle we will provide, is how to decode the actual definition of term “self-defense”, looking at critical parts of language such as, necessity, justification, imminent threat, reasonable belief, and aggressor. Often overlooked in the self-defense engagement, are the aspects of human physiology, psychology, and religious beliefs. There’s much more to self-defense than just the physical component, and we will provide insight on these topics as well. We will detail how the fight or flight response, adrenaline dump, and post traumatic stress affect your ability to recall critical information and react to violent encounters. The best way to defeat is a criminal, is to think like one. In the final section, we take a look at the reality of violent crime, important aspects of criminal psychology, and strategies for developing a survival mindset. Your mentality, awareness and will to survive are invaluable to preventing, managing and surviving violent encounters. Author’s Note: “I will never give up the fight for justice and providing a safer more vigilant world for our children to grow up in. To the survivalist and self-defense practitioner, I strongly encourage that you educate yourself, keep an open mind, learn from as many people as possible, and if you are ever forced to defend yourself or others, show restraint, avoid and deescalate first, always do the right thing.. but if you decide to act, don’t hold back, realize what’s at stake and never give up!”