Self-Defense: Steps to Survival

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Hone your senses, increase awareness, and learn the techniques that could save your life. Self-Defense: Steps to Survival will teach you to identify danger, avoid assault, and defend yourself and others against attackers in a variety of situations.

Based on the proven strategies and techniques taught on campuses and in metropolitan areas worldwide, Self-Defense: Steps to Survival is both practical and immediately applicable for men, women, and teens regardless of previous experience. You’ll learn these skills:

-Assess your surroundings, notice warning signs, and remove yourself from potential harm.

-Use the power of your own voice to thwart an attack.

-Recognize warning signs of violence in an intimate relationship.

-Resist and escape physical and sexual violence by strangers and acquaintances.

-Free yourself from an assailant’s grasp.

-Develop an arsenal of strikes, kicks, and defense techniques for countering physical attacks.

-Defend yourself against weapon attacks and multiple attackers.

Don’t live in fear! Self-Defense: Steps to Survival will change the way you approach everyday life, giving you the assurance that you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

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