Special Forces Survival Guide: Desert, Arctic, Mountain, Jungle, Urban

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Review of the author’s Encyclopedia of Survival Techniques (2000):
This could prove to be a mighty handy volume. Recommended.
–Library Journal

Written by a former member of the British Territorial Army, Special Forces Survival Guide arms readers with the survival techniques used by special forces units around the world. Trained to take on the toughest missions in the most challenging environments, these warriors must be able to master any situation, including escaping danger, evading capture and surviving with little or no gear.

Stilwell’s detailed instructions and the photos of Special Forces soldiers applying survival skills in a variety of situations guide readers to building shelters, finding water and surviving in disaster scenarios, making arrows, encountering dangerous animals and navigating by the stars. Using these tips, tricks and skills, readers develop the confidence to venture farther on outdoor adventures and trek into unknown terrain.

The book is divided into chapters according to environment — desert, arctic, mountain, jungle, urban — with each providing guidance tailored to their inherent challenges. Some examples:

Arctic Survival

  • How to dry boots (take hot stones from the fire and put them inside the boot)
  • Building an arctic fishing net under the ice, using a pole, net and three ice holes

    Determining when to travel (watch seabird flight, study clouds to see when they are over water)

Mountain Survival

  • How to brake when falling
  • Building a stone shelter

    How to survive an avalanche

Jungle Survival

  • Insects you can eat and how to avoid poisonous insects
  • How to extract water from vines, roots, palm trees and banana trees

    Navigating in the jungle without a compass and map

Urban Survival

  • How to detect you are being followed and how to evade
  • Using urban transport safely in a hostile environment

    How to defend yourself from attack in an urban area.

Authoritative, easy-to-use and fully illustrated, this is an essential up-to-date how-to guide for anyone entering a hazardous environment or with an interest in survival tactics.