Street Survival Guide: Self Defense Awareness, Avoidance And Fighting Techniques

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Take the nonsense and confusion out of learning self defense.

This book will be your street survival guide and will simplify the process of learning self defense.

If you want to learn about self defense this book will help you do that. In this book you will learn:

  • How to defend yourself and NOT get arrested in the process
  • How to avoid being a victim of violence
  • How to spot and avoid trouble before it happens
  • How to handle trouble when it does happen
  • How to manage feelings of fear and adrenaline
  • How to deal with the aftermath of violence
  • And much more
  • i>If you are just beginning your journey in self defense this book will help you do that by telling you exactly what you need to know in simple and concise terms. This is no bullshit self defense.i>