Survival Kit Starter Pack For Bug Out Bag Be Ready To Go With Disaster Preparedness By MonkeyPaks(OD Green)

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The Military Style Tactical Fanny Survival Starter Pack is perfect to use as a stand alone kit in your car, added on as a MOLLE bag to your existing bug out bag, or as a must have pack to have on hikes to be prepared for whatever life throws your way.


*Military Style Tactical Fanny Pack It all starts with the bag to store the items in. You get our best selling waist/fanny bag that can be used as a MOLLE attachment on another bag, set up as a shoulder bag or as a stand alone waist bag. This is one versatile pack!

*Survival Whistle Compass and Thermometer

*Super Bright LED Military Flashlight 5 modes of operation.  Zoom adjustable 1000 lumen LED bulb & Water resistant aluminum body with Nylon wrist catch. Use AAA Batteries or a rechargeble battery (batteries not included)

*Emergency Survival Gear Steel Wire Saw This wire saw will make short work of cutting through those tough branches.
*Ever Strike Long Lasting Match Fire is an essential survival tool and nothing makes fire easier than this Permanent Match.

*Credit Card 11-in1 Survival Tool This tool is small and yet has 11 tools you would hate to do without.

*Emergency Survival Blanket Reflects up to 90% of your body heat back to you

*Tactical Pocket Knife Razor-sharp 3 1/2″ stainless steel blade

*Lensatic Military-Grade Compass

* Nylon Braided Paracord Bracelet.

Don’t wait to wish you had these items when you need them. Order multiple quantities of the Survival Starter Pak by MonkeyPaks