Surviving With Condom: 20 Situations (Except Sex) Where Condom Can Save You: (Self-Defense, Survival Gear)

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Surviving With Condom:

20 Situations (Except Sex) Where Condom Can Save You

Mention the word ‘condom’ and you will get a smile to many people’s lips. Others will go coy, but this is not a discussion about sex! The condom is actually a vital part of any survival kit. There are many different uses for a condom which can make the difference between your survival or not.

This is not a new thing; condoms have been used for many years as very effective water carriers; amongst other things. They are surprisingly robust and can stretch to cover objects much larger than themselves.

If you have an interest in survival, whether you are looking to be prepared for the end of the world or simply looking to survive a disaster; you will need to read this guide.

You will, undoubtedly, be amazed at the array of things which can be done with the humble condom. In fact, you will quickly realize that this is just the start of your options. Once you embrace the idea and start to experiment with other possibilities you will understand why you must keep at least one box in your survival kit at all times!

This book will help you see the potential in the condom by:

  • Sharing why condoms are an essential part of your preparation procedures
  • Giving you 5 ways to Use Your Condoms for basic survival.
  • Providing 5 ways to use them to improve your safety whilst surviving.
  • An additional ten lessons which show the potential and variance of condoms as part of your survival kit.

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