The Big Bloody Book of Violence: The Smart Person’s Guide for Surviving Dangerous Times: What Everyone Must Know About Self-Defense

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“Implementing even a fraction of this book’s suggestions will substantially increase your overall safety.” – Gila Hayes, Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network

We could whine about how we live in dangerous times nowadays, but let’s face it, all throughout history ordinary people have been at risk of violence in one way or another. Abdicating personal responsibility by outsourcing your safety to others might be the easy way out, but it does little to safeguard your welfare. In this book you’ll discover what dangers you face and learn proven strategies to thwart them.

Self-defense is far more than fighting skills; it’s a lifestyle choice, a more enlightened way of looking at and moving through the world. Topics include:

* Making sense of senseless violence
* Riots and crowd safety
* Terrorism
* Domestic violence
* Gangs
* Home invasions
* Conquering impossible odds
* Creating witnesses
* Guns
* Overcoming talisman thinking
* Interacting with law enforcement
* And much, much more…

Making sense of “senseless” violence keeps you smarter, safer, and better prepared… Violent encounters are rarely what you’d think.Oftentimes they last mere seconds yet have consequences that can linger for a lifetime. The best confrontations are those you can avoid, but preparation and training can get you through those times when you must fight for your life and failure is not an option. In this indispensable book Kane and Wilder teach you how.

“This is an insider’s bible to violence, what it is, how to spot it and how to avoid it.” – Becky Blanton, TED Global speaker, journalist