The Power of Pressure Points: The Most Common and Effective Martial Art Pressure Points

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“An excellent explanation of the fundamentals and interrelationship of the concept of Ki, Um, (yin) and Yang, Meridian Theory and Pressure Points. A great reference source and an absolute “must” for martial artist of all levels”.

Dr. Vu Doan Theriot, M.D.

“Excellent pressure point anatomy and applications. Excellent summary of pressure point locations and theory. Detailed enough to serve as a handbook and additional elaboration on Channels/Meridians and Ki give historical context to the basics”.

Dr Gordon Bellah, Jr., M.D.

“It is simply the ‘go-to’ book of pressure points. With clear narrative and useful photos and illustrations, Master Harmon has put together a wealth of information that will provide both beginning and experienced martial artist with an understanding of the theory and practice of pressure points and their interrelationships with Ki, Um (yin)-Yang, the Five Elements, and Channel Theory.”

Ana Maria S. Rodriguez, PhD

“This text is an excellent compendium of the body’s pressure points. The discussion of Yang/Um, Ki, and the regulatory benefit of stimulation of the acupressure points are quite educational in this overview of the underlying philosophy and tenets of martial arts. The accompanying historical “tidbits” provide additional insights. I thoroughly recommend this text for serious practitioners of martial arts.”

Dr. C. Xeller, M.D.