Unbreakable Woman: Compassionate Self Defense & Empowerment

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Unbreakable Woman is a unique self-defense and empowerment guide that explores the grim subject of violence against women with warmth, compassion and an emphasis on skills you already have. Unbreakable Woman teaches you how to transform fear into confidence. Unlike traditional self-defense philosophies that emphasize teaching you how to fight like a man, Unbreakable Woman guides you back into your natural strengths and helps you cultivate them into mastery. Through this conversational guide, you will practice mental training using real-world scenario analysis, deconstruct the victimization process, examine habits and attitudes that may be putting you at risk, explore common criminal profiles and avoidance strategies, sharpen the six critical safety skills you were born with and discover powerful, physical self-defense tools that you can use right now. Once armed with this knowledge, you’ll have a clear and conscious role in your personal safety and empowerment tools that extend beyond the scope of self-defense. Experience the Unbreakable Woman® seminar from the comfort of home or anywhere you travel. Read, share and give the gift of Unbreakable Woman to the unbreakable women in your life.